Friday, May 15th, 2020

May 15
GM – Mad Post May 15 2020

New Chef – Otta Zapotocky
First, I’d like to introduce our new Chef, Otta Zapotocky, we have contracted his services to manage the kitchen this summer. Originally from Czech Republic, born in a family of chefs, Otta grew up in his mother’s restaurant kitchen, these experiences set him on a career path in the hospitality industry.


May 14

Mad River Food & Beverage Protocols: Mad Post May 15, 2020

Mad River “To Go” Limited Menu,

We are thrilled with the news that we can officially open, over our first few days we will offer our concession menu and items.

May 13
You can always order your pre-round purchases through this portal.
Mad River On-Line Shopping

May 12
Myles Bradford
Marshall Voorheis

May 10
Mad Reads Book Club is set to begin on Monday May 25 at 5:00 pm.
We have more time on our hands..consider joining our Book Club. You can ‘attend’ as many as your would like!
Our first book is The Testaments, the 2019 novel by Margaret Atwood.  Susan Tremblay will lead our discussion and will distribute a few questions to each of us to  spark our thinking prior to the discussion.  Our platform will be Zoom.  All participants will be issued a Zoom connect link and password information prior to May 25.  As our Book Club is virtual, there is no charge for our sessions this season. 
There will be no charge, more details to follow!  Any questions?  Please contact Barbara Lemaire at or
416-723-0876 - thank you.


2020 Membership Drive!
Please forward the names of those that you believe would be a welcomed addition to your club as an associate member, an introductory member or a full equity member.  Equity memberships are available at $17,500 - NO ANNUAL DUES REQUIREMENT IN 2020!  A $1000 finder’s fee* is awarded for leads that become equity members.  Don’t delay this special offer is limited and time sensitive.
Contact Sandy at or call 705-428-3673 cell 705-443-9818.
*some restrictions may apply.


Have a Suggestion
Send your idea or concern to:  Your suggestion will be forwarded to the appropriate individual or committee for consideration.